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Singer/Songwriter Damien Lawson surpasses the current trend of music with a vocal performance that undeniably conveys his emotion and captivates his audience. Damien was born and raised in a small town in Monroe, Louisiana and has been singing for the church and town’s events since the age of three. Destined to find a niche to exploit his enchanting voice he left his hometown at nineteen to an unfamiliar territory in Los Angeles where the beginning of his career in music would flourish, “This is what I wanted, I had to give it all I got” he says. Since then Damien has sang the National Anthem for stadiums and participated in competitions coming as runner up in the internationally broadcasted series "Gifted: Season One". Through the outlet of the web and youtube, Damien has been able to showcase his voice and gain the likes of hundreds of thousands of fans, opening doors to work with other credible producers and songwriters. With over 1 million uploads on his YouTube videos he has become a viral sensation and has been reaching out to his fans by performing requested cover songs and acapellas. Currently working on his own debut album, Damien has teamed up with Track Static Music Group to create a new sound in Pop and R&B music. With influences such as Ne-Yo, Usher, and Brian McKnight, Damien strives to hang with the best of them and incorporate his own sound, “I love listening to these guys and being compared over the years is flattering, when the day comes I just want people to hear my music and say, yep that’s Damien on that track.”
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